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                Open Governance
                Current position:Home>Tourist,s guide
                  Jiuzhai Valley National Park Opened to Fully Independent Travelers
                  Round-trip Flights from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou to be Resumed from September 6
                  Pilot Survey of Cultural and Tourism Resources Launched in Sichuan
                  "Sanxingdui, Jiuzhaigou and Giant Panda" Cultural Tourism Alliance Established
                  Sichuan Tourism Investment Group Established
                  Tourism of Ethnic Minority Regions in Sichuan Embraces Booming
                  Sichuan Will Construct Giant Panda Ecological Tourism Ring Routes
                  Liangshan Torch Festival Enlisted as National Level Intangible Cultural Heritage Integrated Protection Trial Project
                  Pixian Will Create 1,400 Mu of Flower World
                  Sichuan Airlines Planned Direct Flights to Prague on February
                  Ganzi Promotes Tourism “Gratitude Discount”
                  Beautiful Leshan with Culture as Soul
                  Leshan Jiajiang Dongfengyan Enlisted on World Irrigation Project Heritage List
                  Yibin-Qingdao Flight Opened
                  Visiting Hongyuan for Equestrian Tournament
                  Prairie Flower Sea Welcomes Visitors
                  Snow Leopards Appeared at Dayi County
                  Jianmen Pass Scenic Spot: Development and Protection
                  Sichuan Tibetan Region: Best Tourist Route, Most Beautiful Sceneries
                  Migration Black-necked Cranes Returned to Hongyuan Prairie
                  Xiaozi Tibetan People Celebrated “First Nine Festival”
                  Nuo Culture Displayed at Jinsha Site Museum
                  Jiange Meat Festival: Eat Meat as You Like
                  Panzhihua: a Sunshine Health City in China
                  Mugecuo in Winter: a Crystal Fairland
                  Dagu Iceberg: The Coming Ice and Snow Festival
                  Pictures of Wild Giant Panda Were Taken at Huanglong Area
                  Leshan-Ya’an Expressway Starts to Charge from Oct. 16
                  Leshan-Ya’an Expressway Opens on Trial from Sept. 12
                  Daocheng Yading Airport Opens on September 16
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