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                Open Governance
                Current position:Home>Tourism resources
                  Sichuan Strides towards World-class Important Tourist Destination
                  Part of Jiuzhaigou to Reopen to Visitors on September 27
                  Over 600 Stone Coffin Tombs of the Late Neolithic Age Found in Sichuan
                  Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport Reopened
                  12 Villages in Sichuan Included in the First Cohort of Key Rural Tourism Villages
                  Snow Leopard Family Spotted in Wolong National Nature Reserve Again
                  Sichuan Province Releases the First Cohort of Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Bases, including 171 Sites
                  Ancient Towns, Ancient Villages, and Ancient Residential Housing in Sichuan Province under Unified Filing, Labeling and Protection
                  China's First Trading Center for Green Sichuan Pepper Opens in Sichuan
                  Sichuan: Culture-Tourism Integration Betokens Unique and Promising Future
                  Sichuan Promotes 46 Key Tourism Projects in 2017
                  Sichuan Issues the Development Plan on Tourism of the 13th Five-Year Plan Period
                  Sichuan Expects Global Panda Fans
                  6 Sichuan Scenic Spots Officially Approved as National AAAA
                  Sichuan Creates China Giant Panda Hometown Tourism Experience Project Group
                  Sichuan Create Tea Industries over 10 Billion Yuan
                  First “Sichuan Golden Tourism Snacks” Competition Was Held in Chengdu
                  Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival Opens
                  China Beijing Equity Exchange Will Construct Sichuan Plate to Promote Sichuan Tourism Projects
                  Direct Income of 2015 Sichuan Ecological Tourism Amounts to 65.86 Billion Yuan
                  2016 Sichuan Spring Rural Cultural Tourism Festival Will Be Held At Cangxi, Guangyuan
                  Top 10 Tourism Rankings Will Draw the Beautiful Picture of Sichuan Tourism During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period
                  Panzhihua Becomes Sichuan’s First Health-Preserving Tourism Demonstration Base
                  Direct Outbound Flight Destinations of Russia, Australia and Italy Will Be Popular in 2016
                  Sichuan Tourism Attracts Foreign Tourists in the 4th Quarter of 2015
                  Sichuan Opens Tourism Marketing Center in Japan and South Korea
                  Sichuan Tourism Sparkles the Silk Road
                  Sichuan Tourism Investment Enters into “Tourism Plus” Era
                  Sichuan: Tourism Plus Capital to Develop New Situation
                  38 Sichuan Prior Tourism Programs Promote Investment
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