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                Open Governance
                The Equipment Manufacturing Industry

                  Since Sichuan is one of the three major technical equipment manufacturing bases in China,investments are encouraged to go for the development, production and product proliferation of large complete hydropower, thermal power or nuclear power equipment, large complete metallurgical equipment, large complete construction equipment, rolling stocks, compete oil and gas equipment, large complete chemical equipment and large complete environmental-protection equipment.

                  Main layout:

                  The industrial belt of equipment manufacturing: Chengdu - Deyang - Ziyang - Zigong - Yibin

                  The industrial belt of aerospace and air traffic control equipment: Chengdu - Mianyang

                  The reinstalling base: Deyang Major Technical Equipment Manufacturing Base

                  The reinstalling industrial park: Bancang Industrial Zone of Zigong High-tech Industrial Park, Guanghan Oil Drilling Industrial Park

                Unit in Charge: General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Organizer: Sichuan Big Data Center
                Website Operation and Maintenance: China Telecom Sichuan Branch
                Website Identification Code: 5100000062 Sichuan ICP No. 13001288
                Sichuan Computer Information Network and Internet Security Record No. 51010402000507