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                Open Governance
                Chengdu University of Technology Cooperated with University of Edinburgh

                  The reporter has learned recently that Chengdu University of Technology has officially signed a cooperation memorandum in education with University of Edinburgh, UK. Based on this memorandum, the two universities will launch “2+2” cooperative education programs in 5 undergraduate majors, such as Geology, Geophysics, Environmental Geoscience, and so on. Meanwhile, graduates from Geosciences could apply for the master’s degree in School of Geosciences.

                  It is reported that students who participate this “2+2” cooperative education projects will study undergraduate courses in China in the first 2 years. Then they will further their study in University of Edinburgh for the last 2 years. They will be granted a graduate certificate and a degree certificate from Chengdu University of Technology, and a degree from University of Edinburgh.

                  University of Edinburgh, founded in 1583 and ranking 20 among universities in the world, is one of the 6 universities with longest history in the UK. Its School of Geosciences, famous for its world class education resources, was established by James Hutton, father of modern geology.

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