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                Open Governance
                Singapore Universities Set Overseas Learning Center in Chengdu

                  On March 11, the Overseas Learning Center, set by NanYang Polytechnic in Chengdu Vocational and Technical College, was inaugurated, which is the first one set in western cities after NanYang Polytechnic set up learning center in Suzhou, Bejing, Guangzhou. 

                  Followed the first 40 students from NanYang Polytechnic who came to Chengdu to study last year, 2 batches of 80 students in total will come during March to April in 2013. Meanwhile, teachers from Singapore will share their opinion on education in Singapore and Chegndu culture. Teachers from Chengdu Vocational and Technical College will explain "financial supermarket", "software park", and "liberal education". Students have opportunities to exchange face-to-face and develop "disseminated" learning. Singapore students will take participation in setting tables for Chinese food, experiencing Chinese tea, visiting companies, attending cultural lectures and organizing special tours, etc.

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