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                Open Governance
                Chengdu offices of overseas institutions(2)
                  Name European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Chengdu Office
                  Address Room 811, Garden City Hotel, 8 Daye Road, Chengdu, PRC
                  Tel 028-86710577

                  Name Canada China Business Council Chengdu Office
                  Address 16/F., Chengdu Real Estate Mansion, No.28 Section 1, Renmin Road (M), Chengdu, PRC
                  Tel 028-86279223

                  Name Chengdu Office of Australian Trade Commission
                  Address Room 408, Holiday Inn, 31 Zongfu Street, Chengdu, PRC
                  Tel 028-86279223

                  Name Japan-China Economic Association Chengdu Office
                  Address Block N, 18/F, City Tower, No.86 Renmin Road (S) Section 1, Chengdu, PRC
                  Tel 028-86203380

                Unit in Charge: General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Organizer: Sichuan Big Data Center
                Website Operation and Maintenance: China Telecom Sichuan Branch
                Website Identification Code: 5100000062 Sichuan ICP No. 13001288
                Sichuan Computer Information Network and Internet Security Record No. 51010402000507