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                Open Governance
                Land Resources
                  Sichuan’s land resources can be classified into 8 first-class land use types, 45 second-class land use types and 62 third-class land use types. Except for rubber plantations, all the first-class and second-class land use types in other provinces can be found in Sichuan, which makes Sichuan quite typical in China. Forestry and animal husbandry are the main forms of land use, and the land for such uses is mainly confined to the mountainous areas around the basins and the western mountains and plateaus, accounting for 68.9% of Sichuan’s total land area; farmland is mostly in the eastern basin areas and low mountainous and hilly areas, accounting for over 85% of Sichuan’s total farmland; garden land is mainly in the basins, hilly areas, and southwestern mountainous areas, accounting for over 70% of Sichuan’s total garden land; and land for transportation and construction is mainly in the plains and hilly areas where the economy is more developed.
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