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                Open Governance
                Ethnic Composition and Distribution
                  Sichuan Province is inhabited by multiple ethnic groups. There are 55 ethnic groups with a population of 4.22 million. The Yi, Zang, Qiang, Miao, Hui, Mongolian, Tujia, Lisu, Manchu, Naxi, Bouyei, Bai, Zhuang, and Dai are indigenous ethnic groups. Sichuan is the only habitation for the Qiang ethnic group, the largest habitation for the Yi ethnic group as well as the second largest habitation for the Zang ethnic group in China. The major habitations for ethnic groups are .Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Ganzi Zang Autonomous Prefecture, Aba Zang and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Muli Zang Autonomous County, Mabian Yi Autonomous County, Ebian Yi Autonomous County and Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County.
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