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                Open Governance
                Current position:Home>News
                  Sichuan Provincial Promotion Meeting on the Final Poverty Alleviation Work Held in Chengdu (2020-03-13)
                  Sichuan's Cold-chain Storage Capacity of Agricultural Products to Reach 7.6 Million Tons (2020-03-13)
                  Yin Li Presided Over 19th Meeting to Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak (2020-03-12)
                  Yin Li Inspects and Instructs Scientific Research for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Sichuan University (2020-03-12)
                  Sichuan Strives to Increase Grain Output by 250 Million Kilos in 2020 (2020-03-11)
                  Sichuan Launches TV-based Online Teaching for Primary and Secondary Schools (2020-03-11)
                  Sichuan Issues 2020 Work Plan to Strengthen Weaknesses of Key Areas (2020-03-10)
                  Sichuan Section of Xining-Chengdu Railway Commences Construction (2020-03-09)
                  Yin Li Inspects in Panzhihua and Liangshan (2020-03-09)
                  Sichuan's First Trillion-Industry Comes into Being (2020-03-06)
                  Sichuan's Liquor Enterprises Above the Designated Size Realized Annual Revenue of RMB 265 Billion Last Year (2020-03-06)
                  Liangshan's Poverty Alleviation Work Listed on Supervision (2020-03-05)
                  Loan Increment in Sichuan's Tea Industry Exceeds 30% in First Two Months (2020-03-05)
                  13,888 Industrial Enterprises above the Designated Size in Sichuan Resumed Operation (2020-03-04)
                  Resumption Rate of Sichuan's Continued and Newly Commenced Projects Exceeds 90% (2020-03-04)
                  Peng Qinghua Presides Over the Seventh Meeting of the Comprehensively Deepening Reforms Commission of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee (2020-03-03)
                  Yin Li Presides over the 43rd Executive Meeting of the People's Government of Sichuan Province (2020-03-03)
                  Sichuan Holds First Provincial-level Online Investment Promotion (2020-03-02)
                  Peng Qinghua Inspects Sichuan Provincial Emergency Response Headquarters for COVID-19 Outbreak (2020-02-28)
                  Sichuan Accelerates Online Approval of Projects (2020-02-28)
                  Yin Li Inspects Overall Promotion Work of Epidemic Prevention and Control & Economic and Social Development in Yibin (2020-02-27)
                  Sichuan Provincial Work Safety Committee Held Its First Meeting in 2020 (2020-02-27)
                  Yin Li Presides over Expert and Enterprise Symposium on Economic Situation (2020-02-26)
                  Yin Li Presides over the Sixteenth Meeting to Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak (2020-02-26)
                  Sichuan Releases "Electricity Index for Enterprise Resumption" (2020-02-25)
                  Domestic Air Routes from Sichuan Resumed in Batches (2020-02-25)
                  All Poverty-Stricken Counties in Tibet Autonomous Region of Sichuan Lifted out of Poverty (2020-02-24)
                  First Special Train for Sichuan's Migrant Workers Returning to Work after Spring Festival Departs for Guangdong (2020-02-24)
                  Yin Li Visits Mianyang to Inspect Epidemic Prevention and Control and Resumption of Production (2020-02-21)
                  Sichuan Will Promote Classified Resumption of Key Projects in Different Regions (2020-02-20)
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