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                Open Governance
                Sichuan Holds First Provincial-level Online Investment Promotion

                  On February 27, Sichuan Online Promotion for Innovative Development of Health Care Industry was held online, marking Sichuan's first online investment promotion at the provincial level. The 16 medical care projects with a total investment of RMB 5.98 billion was contracted online, covering drug research and development, medical equipment, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical enterprise headquarters, etc.

                  At the promotion conference, six projects including Care Alliance (Chengdu) West Greater China headquarters project, S?ring (Chengdu) ultrasonic knife R&D and production base as well as Mafeishu (Chengdu) anesthesia industry ecological chain headquarters projects were contracted through video links. Representatives of over 150 domestic and overseas health care enterprises including Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Group, Sanofi and Lilly China attended the promotion conference online.

                  Liu Dawei, Vice President of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Group, said that Sichuan has formed a high industrial undertaking capacity and a good policy environment for the development of health care industry, and the competitiveness of some biomedical enterprises in Sichuan have ranked the top in China. By far, the annual sales of enterprises in Sichuan invested by Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Group have exceeded RMB 10 billion. "At present, we are cooperating with Sichuan's medical institutions in the fields of pharmaceutical R&D and technological innovation", said Liu.

                  In the next step, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Economic Cooperation and governments of project locations will continue to provide follow-up services for key health care projects, so as to accelerate the landing, commencement and operation of the projects.

                  Vice Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province Li Yunze attended the promotion conference.

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