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                Open Governance
                Sichuan Accelerates Online Approval of Projects

                  "Only five days, it's amazing!" Zhang Jianhua, the head of Leshan Public Service Center of City Appearance and Environmental Health, made such a comment after receiving the approval document on Leshan municipal solid waste emergency landfill project issued by Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission. It was five days after he submitted application information online; compared to the national legal time limit of 20 working days,it's quicker without face-to-face procedure. All procedures including information submission can be handled online, which means project owners don't need to get it handled on the spot. The simplification of project approval from face-to-face approval to online approval is due to the efforts of Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

                  In order to support Sichuan's epidemic prevention work and promote the sound development of Sichuan's economy and society, Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission took the initiative to guide project owners to apply for approval online relying on the online approval platform. As of February 18, 2203 projects with an investment of more than RMB five million have been approved, examined and put on record, with an estimated total investment of more than RMB 488 billion.

                  Among them, 52 projects directly serving the epidemic prevention and control work have been successfully approved. With an estimated total investment of more than RMB 2.2 billion, the 52 projects include the epidemiology big data research and precise diagnosis R&D platform of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Qingbaijiang Xinhongwei medical mask and protective suit production line, the new production line with an annual output of 30 million disposable three-layer plane-type medical respirators and one million sets of protective suits in Lezhi County, as well as the extension project of the production line with an annual output of 80 million civil masks and the technical transformation project of its supporting equipment in Luxian County.

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