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                Open Governance
                Yin Li Presides over Expert and Enterprise Symposium on Economic Situation

                  On February 24, Yin Li, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province, presided over a symposium to analyze current economic situation, as well as hear suggestions of relevant experts and entrepreneurs on taking targeted measures to promote economic and social development under the situation of strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control. He demanded that relevant parties should strengthen their determination and take proactive actions; all parties of the society including governments and enterprises should work with joint efforts and overcome the current difficulties, look into the future with long-term objectives in mind, turn crises into opportunities, and on the premise of strict epidemic prevention and control, promote the resumption of work and production as well as production and living order with out delay, so as to complete the targets set in economic and social development for the whole year.

                  Experts including Wang Hailin, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Advisory Committee for Decision-making, Qi Xianwang, deputy head of Macro Economy Group of Sichuan Provincial Advisory Committee for Decision-making, Tang Jiqiang, member of Macro Economy Group of Sichuan Provincial Advisory Committee for Decision-making, Sheng Yi, deputy head of Industry Group of Sichuan Provincial Advisory Committee for Decision-making, Li Guangjin, Vice President of Sichuan Provincial Institute of Private Economy Research, and Wang Qing, Director of Institute of Chinese Finance Studies of SWUFE (ICFS), delivered speeches in succession, making analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on Sichuan's economic situation and offering countermeasures and suggestions for promoting the resumption of production of enterprises and the sustainable development of the economy. Entrepreneurs including Zou Zheng, President of KLT Carbide Co.,Ltd., Bao Xiaowei, President of Chengdu Yuehao Hotel Management Co.,Ltd., Huang Yujiao, CEO of HongKong Dragon Group, Wang Meichao, President of Old House Catering Group, and Can Shiru, President of Hongqi Chain Co., Ltd., delivered speeches in succession. They discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the production and operation of enterprises, and put forward suggestions on the timely implementation of relevant support policies, the supply security of epidemic prevention materials, intensified efforts to reduce taxes and fees, supply chain financial services strengthening and the online and offline integrated development of enterprises. They agreed that COVID-19 has brought a great impact and adverse impact on the short-term economic performance of Sichuan Province, but the fundamentals that the long-term stability of Sichuan's economy remain unchanged. However, a misfortune might be a blessing in disguise, so timely planning and actions might turn crises into opportunities, and determination in the restoration work would keep a good development trend.

                  Yin Li thanked the experts and entrepreneurs for their efforts since the outbreak of COVID-19, and demanded departments concerned to carefully study the suggestions they put forward, constantly improve the government's policies and measures, and better help enterprises get through the difficulties, so as to maintain Sichuan's economic operation stable. Yin pointed out that COVID-19 is a kind of new infectious disease with sudden outbreak, and under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, all walks of life and the masses of Sichuan Province have been actively participating in and supporting the epidemic prevention and control, making great contributions to fighting against COVID-19. Since Sichuan's epidemic situation is still grim and complex, Yin called on them to thoroughly study and implement the key points of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches, and in accordance with the decisions and deployments made by the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee leading group, work in joint efforts with firm belief, scientific control and containment, and target-oriented strategy, and make overall planning on epidemic prevention and control as well as economic and social development, so as to harness the epidemic and revitalize the economy. Yin noted that departments concerned should earnestly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures for resumed enterprises, and on the premise of the full implementation of the measures, make efforts in a meticulous and deepgoing way to stabilize enterprises and employment, organize the resumption of work in an orderly manner, implement national and provincial policies in a meticulous way, and strengthen factor guarantee and government affairs services, so as to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises vigorously and orderly. The impact of the epidemic is temporary, and the long-term development trend of Sichuan's economy will remain good, so Yin urged relevant parties to turn crises into opportunities, and while stabilizing investment and ensuring the construction of key projects, take measures to promote consumption according to the impact of the epidemic on people's production and life, especially on the consumption, so as to expand effective demand and promote the resumption of Sichuan's overall economic performance. Stressing that the epidemic will lead to an in-depth adjustment to the industrial chain and industrial cluster, Yin demanded all regions in Sichuan focus on the long-term target and the development trend, and vigorously promote the upgrading of the industrial chain and the formation of industrial cluster based on their actual conditions and advantages; relevant enterprises should, in accordance with the market demand, plan and layout related innovation projects, so as to enhance their market competitiveness and consolidate their development foundations.

                  Vice governors of the People's Government of Sichuan Province Li Yunze and Wang Fengchao, Director of Sichuan Provincial Advisory Committee for Decision-making Chen Guangzhi and Secretary-General of the People's Government of Sichuan Province Zhang Yan attended the symposium.

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