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                Open Governance
                Sichuan Releases "Electricity Index for Enterprise Resumption"

                  According to the news from the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company, the company is striving to help promote Sichuan's epidemic prevention and control and production of resumption of enterprises with the "electricity index for enterprise resumption" drawn from electricity big data. Taking the electricity data of February 19 as an example, 79,722 users in Sichuan Province have resumed operation, with a resumption rate of 70.47%, which is 0.24% higher quarter on quarter.

                  “Comparing the big data of electricity consumption of hundreds of thousands of users in Sichuan's different industries and regions with the historical average daily electricity consumption of normal production of enterprises, we can objectively and accurately figure out both resumed enterprises and their resumed production capacity", said Yin Ke, Deputy Director of the Marketing Department of State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company.

                  "According to the statistics we have obtained now, the production capacity of Sichuan's enterprises is recovering in an orderly way", Yin noted. As of now, Sichuan has collected the real-time electricity consumption big data of 113,100 industrial and commercial users, and the system has processed more than 300 million pieces of data on a daily basis.

                  In addition, electricity big data can be used to monitor the electricity loads of COVID-19-designated hospitals and personnel flows of communities, so as to promote scientific epidemic prevention.

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