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                Open Governance
                Domestic Air Routes from Sichuan Resumed in Batches

                  According to news from a number of airlines on February 22, the domestic air routes from Chengdu and key labor services exporting cities in Sichuan will be resumed in batches to promote the resumption of work and production.

                  As an important region for labor services export, the southwest region will resume Air China air routes with the guarantee for work resumption flow as the focus. For air routes bound for the southern part of China, Chengdu-Guangzhou and Chengdu-Shenzhen Air routes will be fully resumed, and some of the flights will be changed to larger aircrafts to meet the demand of large-scale migrant travel; flights to Guangzhou and Shenzhen from Sichuan's key labor services exporting cities such as Yibin, Dazhou and Guangyuan began began to be resumed in batches. For air routes bound for the eastern part of China, flights to Hangzhou from Chengdu are planned to be increased, and flights from Chengdu to Nanjing, Wenzhou and Yiwu and Guangyuan to Hangzhou will be resumed. For air routes bound for the western part of China, flights to Chengdu from eight destinations in Xinjiang are planned to be resumed in succession, and round-trip flights between Chengdu and Urumqi will be increased.

                  Sichuan Airlines will resume air routes from Chengdu to 16 domestic destinations in and outside Sichuan Province, including flights from Chengdu to Beijing, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Nanning, Hangzhou, Anshan, Xuzhou, Shijiazhuang, Panzhihua, etc.

                  Chengdu Airlines will open or resume air routes from Chengdu to Shenyang, Lijiang, Hangzhou, etc. from February 23, and increase the number of flights from Chengdu to Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hefei, Lhasa, etc. to two to five per day.

                  Spring Airlines will resume and open new round-trip flights between Chengdu and Shanghai, Shenzhen, Lanzhou, Jieyang, Ningbo, Yangzhou, etc. with one flight per day from February 25.

                  In addition, tourism air routes will be gradually resumed. Air China flights from Chengdu to Lijiang, Dali, Guilin, etc. and Spring Airlines flights from Chengdu to Bangkok will be resumed soon.

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