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                Open Governance
                Leshan Hi-tech Park Upgraded to National Level

                  On Aug 28, the State Council officially approved Leshan Hi-tech Industrial Park to be upgraded to national level. The park thus becomes the fourth national high-tech industrial park in Sichuan, following Chengdu, Mianyang and Zigong high-tech parks.

                  Leshan Hi-tech Industrial Park was established in 1996, approving by the provincial government. After 16-year’s construction, the park has become a major base for the development of hi-tech industry in southwest Sichuan. It is a national industrial base of silicon materials development and by-product utilization approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as well as a growing park which enjoys key cultivation of provincial “1525” project. A cluster of three leading industries, namely photovoltaic new energy, electronic information (Internet of Things) and modern electromechanical manufacturing, is developing in this park. In 2011, the three industries achieved 44.53-bln yuan output value, 17.28-bln yuan industrial added value and 4.82-bln yuan profit and tax. 177 industrial enterprises gather in the park with 32 of them being national hi-tech enterprises. During the “twelfth five-year” period, Leshan hi-tech industrial park will strive to build a photovoltaic new energy circular industrial and technological innovation center that takes the lead in China and to build itself into a leading park of industrial upgrading and a science and technology new park in Leshan. By the end of the “twelfth five-year” period, the number of national hi-tech enterprises in the park will take up 80% of the total number in Leshan. Revenue of hi-tech industry will account for over 60% of the total revenue of the park. The commercialization rate of intellectual property achievements will reach 80%. The total revenue of the park will break through 100-bln yuan. 

                  The upgrading of Leshan Hi-tech Industrial Park will help construct Chengdu-Deyang-Mianyang-Leshan hi-tech industrial belt and help promote national technological innovation project Sichuan pilot program.

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